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There are lots of options for graduating high school seniors. All incoming college freshmen are aware of the really big majors -- business, nursing, teaching, engineering, computer science, criminal justice, etc. -- but there are other smaller fields that some students neglect to consider, but maybe they should.

A couple of these types of fields are music therapy and different areas of design.

Music therapists use music to help individuals learn or cope with everyday issues. Most music therapy majors are students who have a big interest in music, but don't want to make the commitment toward trying to making a living performing or teaching music.

Most design majors work in graphic design, but the areas of fashion design and interior design are big too. Fashion design programs can emphasize the creative design aspect of the equation or they can be more involved with the business end of the equation. Most schools do not offer an actual fashion design major, you can check for colleges in Atlanta that do right here or you can check and see if any other schools in Georgia offer any here.

Most people understand the concept of interior design. Interior designers don't really need a college degree, but four years of classes can help prepare students to undertake a job where they need to understand color, shape, history, and art, along with working with clients and the basics of selling. You can look for a school that offers interior design classes in Atlanta or you can try the entire state of Georgia.

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